Pumping unit

  • Pumping unit

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Pumping units are used in the oil and gas industry as part of any type of drilling rig to inject drilling fluid into wells.

The pumping unit is a fixed modular structure consisting of two mud pumps (main pump and backup pump) and two diesel power units.

Drilling pump power, kW

Maximum input shaft speed s-1 (rpm)

 Maximum flow of drilling mud, l / s (m3 / h)

UNBT-1180L 1180

9.13 (548)

51.4 (185)

Pump power of booster centrifugal pump (mud), kW

MSM-250 55

Diesel power drive for engine-based pumps 

Number of engines

Rated power of an engine, kW (hp) engine shaft speed, rpm

Caterpillar C18 4

522 (700)


Transmission mode belt of pump drive

V-ribbed belt 4-8V-3750

Overall dimensions, mm