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Warehouse structure

  • Warehouse structure
The warehouse is designed for bulk mineral fertilizers (except ammonium nitrate) and other bulk materials.

The base of the overall frame of the tent-like warehouse is composed of a straight-line glued wooden plank semi-arch structure, which is placed on a reinforced concrete foundation and connected to each other by vertical and horizontal glued wooden strips to maintain the geometry The shape is not affected by the load.

The outer cover of the warehouse is made of sawn wood or glulam purlins. Half-timbered houses consist of glued wooden frames, which are connected by girders. The girders are covered. There is a hanging gallery in the upper part of the warehouse, which is used to place the conveyor belt that loads the warehouse. The fire resistance of the warehouse is at least R30. The wooden structure is treated with flame retardant. Metal elements have anti-corrosion and fire-resistant coatings.

Warehouse loading can be carried out by belt conveyors with unloading vehicles or rolling belt conveyors, and unloaded by portal, half-door Kratz cranes and bucket loaders.