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Mobile drilling rig (MBU-140)

  • Mobile drilling rig (MBU-140)

A mobile drilling rig (MBU) is designed for drilling oil and gas wells, as well as their maintenance.

For the MBU-140, a reliable MZKT chassis with a 12x12 wheel formula is used, the load capacity of which is 431.2 kN (48.4 tf), the Caterpillar-C15 ACERT diesel engine with a power of 397 kW (540 hp) is paired with an Allison transmission.

MBU-140 can be operated at ambient temperature from -45 ºС to +40 ºС.

Load on the hook of the traveling block, kN (tf):

- maximum working 1373 (140)

- test 1717 (175)

MZKT chassis

Wheel formula 12x12

Chassis curb weight, no more than, kg 31000

Weight of mounted equipment, no more than, kg 44000

Gross weight, no more than, kg 75000

Permissible axle weights, kg 12500

Maximum speed, km/h 45

Minimum overall turning radius, m 14


Caterpillar C-15 ACEPT, diesel, 6-cylinder, in-line

Drive axles (all): continuous, with central reduction gears and wheel drive,

with interaxal and interwheel differentials with forced locking.

Steering axles (all) with steering knuckles Axle suspension (all) hydrobalanced

Tires: 16.00R20, with chambers, with universal tread, with adjustable air pressure from the driver's cab.

Single-drum winch, equipped with a disk pneumatic friction clutch for turning on the drum, with an auxiliary pneumatic brake

The winch drive chain is located in a closed oil-filled casing.

Sight glass on the side wall of the casing to check the oil level.

The design of the casing prevents oil from entering the winch drive clutch and ensures multiple assembly and disassembly.

Chain drive from the output shaft of the angular gearbox to the drilling drum.

- pulling force, kN (tf), not less than 186 (19.0)

- travel block lifting speed, m/s 0 ... 1.5

The mast is two-section, telescopic, inclined, with a limiter for lifting the traveling block,

a limiter for lifting the upper section, an audible alarm for extending and landing the upper section of the mast on the gates

- mast height from ground level to crown block axis, m 35.5

- maximum length of the lifted candle, m 19 hook block

Hook load, kN (tf):

- maximum working 1373 (140)

- test 1716 (175) Outer diameter of pulleys, mm 750

Hydraulic systems working and assembly:

Separate. Double hydraulic tank heated by an electric explosion-proof heater, 3.75 kW.

Filters with clogging indicator. Hydraulic oil cooling system.

Working hydraulic system:

- drive of hydraulic cylinders of hydraulic releasers, hydraulic tongs and auxiliary winches,

maximum pressure, MPa (kgf/cm2) 17.6 (180)

Mounting hydraulic system, maximum pressure, MPa (kgf/cm2) 22.5 (230)

Overall dimensions of the unit in transport position, mm:

- length 24000 - width 3200

- height 4500 Mass of the unit in running order, kg 75000