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Mobile drilling rig (MBU-225)

  • Mobile drilling rig (MBU-225)

The mobile drilling rig (MDR) is designed to perform technological operations during drilling and well development, repair work, lowering and lifting tubing (tubing) and drill pipes, installation of operational equipment at the wellhead and elimination of accidents at maximum working loads on the hook traveling block 2205 kN (225 tf).

The scope of the installation is the performance of technological operations during drilling and development of wells, and the production of repair work.

The unit is mounted on a five-axle semi-trailer. In the working position, the unit is mounted on six hydraulic jacks. On the deck (platform) in front of it are two Cummins QSX15-P diesel engines with a power of 496 kW (660 hp) each at 1800 rpm with Allison hydromechanical transmissions, and a summing gearbox to combine the powers of deck engines. The engines are equipped with a remote control system for fuel supply from the driller's workplace.

Allison hydromechanical transmissions are equipped with a remote shifting system with a visual gear number control system. The remote gearshift control is located on the control panel of the driller's console.

The engines are equipped with on-board computers, and it is possible to read various diagnostic parameters on a portable PC.

If the operating parameters of the engines are exceeded (increase in the temperature of the coolant, a decrease or increase above the permissible oil pressure, lack of coolant), an emergency stop of the engine is carried out.

The type of climatic version of the unit corresponds to the UHL version of category 1 according to GOST 15150-63 for operation at an ambient temperature from minus 45°С to plus 40°С and a relative humidity of the ambient air of not more than 75% at plus 15°С.

Load on the hook of the traveling block, kN (tf):

- maximum working                                                                                           2205 (225)

- test                                                                                                                         2763 (282)

Lifting capacity of the installation, at which 

the load limiter is activated, no more than, kN (tf)                                     2249 (230)

Single-drum drilling winch with belt brakes and a pneumatic clutch for turning on the drum, equipped with an additional pneumatic brake,a hook block stroke limiter. Brake pulleys and auxiliary brake are forced liquid cooled

Chain winch drilling drum drive

Lifting speed of the traveling block, m/s:

- minimum                                                                                                                0.12

- maximum                                                                                                                1.50

The mast is two-section, telescopic, with the extension of the second section by a hydraulic cylinder, with a limiter for lifting the hook block, an audible alarm for the extension and landing of the upper section of the mast on the gates, provides the installation of a guide beam for mounting the power top drive

Mast height from ground level to crown block axis, m                                 40

Traveling hook block:

- maximum working load on the hook, kN (tf);                                                2450(250)

- diameter of the drilling line, mm                                                                       32

Mounting hydraulic system:

- maximum operating pressure

of the pump, MPa (kgf/cm2), no more                                                                23 (230.0)

Working hydraulic system:

- maximum operating pressure

of the pump, MPa (kgf/cm2), not less than                                                        18 (180.0)

The ramp is folding, consists of two parts

and is equipped with guides for wheels,

supports for jacks (outriggers) and swivel

joints for docking with a substructure

Ramp overall dimensions, m, not more than:

- length                                                                                                                           23,4

- width                                                                                                                             3.05

Overall dimensions of the unit

(in transport position with a tractor), mm,

not more than:

- length                                                                                                                           28000

- width                                                                                                                            3200

- height                                                                                                                           4500

Unit weight in running order, kg, not more than                                               90000