8.00 - 17.00  +375174237000

MZSH-6.5 / 45

  • MZSH-6.5 / 45

The walking earth-moving machine MZSh is designed to excavate soil below and above the parking lot level. When stripping work is carried out in accordance with the non-transportation plan and rocks are laid on the side of the working space or working surface, it has categories I to IV (including I to IV) strength.

The machine can be used in the coal industry, ferrous metals and non-ferrous metallurgy, open-pit mines in the building materials industry, as well as the construction of irrigation canals and various hydraulic buildings.

The low ground pressure when working and moving and the high maneuverability make the machine can be used to work in soft soil and confined conditions.

Compared with other mass-produced similar excavators, a notable feature of the electrical equipment of this machine is the use of an asynchronous motor with a squirrel-cage rotor, the speed of which is controlled by a modular frequency converter with a common DC bus.



Bucket capacity during soil development and treatment

Fortress types from I to IV, m 3


6.5 ± 0.1

Boom length, m


The angle at which the boom tilts to the horizontal, in degrees.

25 ... 35

Allowable slope, degree, no longer

  2 degrees

Walking speed, m / s (km / h)

0.133 (0.48)

Maximum allowable final load, kN


electric equipment


Main drive control


Supply current: voltage, V/frequency, Hz


The equivalent current value A consumed by the machine during operation


Average power consumption kW during machine operation