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Drilling rigs

To perform various types of work and technological operations during drilling, as well as thorough repair of wells, a special technique is used — a drilling machine for wells. Drilling functions are performed using a hydraulic drive, which ensures a combination of fast response and precise control. It is designed to provide maximum performance even in extreme conditions. MBUS work effectively in low temperature conditions.

Types of drilling rigs

Depending on the method of movement , there may be:

Mobile drilling rig - works by means of a movable rotator, which drives the drive shafts. It is used for working with rocks up to the fourth category of drillability.

Self-propelled drilling rig - differs in that it can move, mounted on a chassis. Suitable for the development of any wells. The control is hydraulic.

The units are mobile, easy to transport, quickly mounted, and easy to operate. Operations are performed efficiently and accurately. Labor costs are reduced. When choosing an MBU, it is necessary to take into account the depth and diameter of drilling, the type of soil, the load on the hook of the block.

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