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Excavators (draglines)

Draglines are designed for the production of earthworks for the opening of mineral fields. They perform a large amount of excavation work with a minimum number of movements from place to place. This is achieved due to the large linear dimensions of excavators, namely due to the large length of the boom, which allows the bucket to be thrown over considerable distances when digging.

Also, the main advantage of walking draglines is the constructive ability to provide low specific pressures on the ground due to the large support area. This makes it possible to use draglines to work on very weak soils, on which cars do not sink.


Where the dragline single-bucket excavator is used:

* digging the ground, separating the earth from the total mass

· rock removal works

* digging of quarries and the formation of embankments of great height

* construction of reclamation systems

* moving and loading/unloading of heavy materials

· mining

* cleaning the bottom of reservoirs

* laying of railway tracks, major roads

IPR Holding is a leading supplier of equipment

IPR Holding develops and manufactures machinery in Belarus, which is used in many industries. For example, chemical, food industry, mineral processing, production of wood products, wastewater treatment.

If you need to purchase an excavator (dragline), we will help you choose a car based on the purpose of use. The equipment of the IPR Holding is specially designed for specific needs. When designing equipment, the characteristics of minerals are taken into account. All components are manufactured under strict supervision of specialists, strict quality standards are observed. We cooperate with partners from 28 countries. Our equipment is supplied to Russia, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, EU countries.