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An escalator is a ladder with a mechanical drive and continuous movement. The escalator moves down and up, transporting passengers over short vertical distances. They are installed in places where the use of elevators would be impractical: metro, shopping malls, airports, multifunctional facilities, hotels and public buildings.

Advantages of escalators

Escalators have many advantages.

They are able to move a large number of people.

Can be placed in the same room as the stairs. They don't have a waiting interval, except for very heavy traffic.

They are resistant to weather conditions, so they can be installed outdoors.

Low power consumption.

Long service life.


Escalators and passenger conveyors simplify the movement of people on different floors of the building. There are several types:

Step type is one of the most common forms. The steps are usually metal and durable.

For wheelchairs - has special devices for wheelchairs. They are usually used in hospitals, subways, shopping malls.

Spiral - has curved steps, giving them an unusual appearance. They are difficult to install in ordinary rooms. Most often found in the subway, galleries, museums.

The levitator is the newest type. In this system there are two escalators that continuously separate the steps and can bend in different ways.

A construction escalator can be used to lift heavy loads at facilities.

Why is the equipment of the IPR Holding bought and appreciated by customers?

IPR Holding is a leading manufacturer in the machine-building industry. Our escalators optimize the flow of people at airports, metro stations and train stations. They also improve the use of each floor in shopping malls, department stores and conference centers.

Thanks to the efficiency, safety, operational reliability and innovations underlying our philosophy, the products of the IPR Holding companies are the right solution for the implementation of your project. That is why many organizations prefer to buy an escalator in Minsk from us, because we guarantee:

High standards. Escalators for moving passengers comply with international quality standards.

Transportation of a large number of people. The width of the step is more than 1000 mm, the nominal speed is 0.4 m, which ensures safety and increased throughput.

Protection from atmospheric effects. We choose durable materials that can be used in various weather conditions and are resistant to corrosion.

Long service life.

Our escalators are the perfect combination of design, efficiency and comfort. The price of an escalator depends on its technical characteristics. Check out the equipment in the catalog on the website. A detailed description is provided for each model. For more information, please contact us.

In addition to Belarus, we supply equipment to the EU countries, Russia, Turkmenistan, and Ukraine.