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Exploration, drilling equipment

Powerful geological exploration equipment is required for underground and surface exploration (drilling of oil and gas wells). The success of the work depends on the effectiveness of the equipment. This includes drilling rigs and a full range of high-tech products (rope line, drill pipes, core connections, chutes, crowns).

Purpose of the equipment

Drilling rigs are mainly used for drilling wells of various depths, detecting minerals, gas, oil. Depending on the purpose , they are used for:

Engineering and geological research;

Geological exploration works;

Seismic surveys;

Hydrogeological research, water extraction;

Construction works;

Construction of supports.

Drilling equipment is distinguished:

Directly used for drilling - technological. This type includes: expanders, crowns, chisels;

Auxiliary — used for maintenance of the previous type of equipment. This includes tightening clamps, lining forks, casing pipes, elevator keys;

Emergency — it is necessary when eliminating emergency situations. This type includes speakers, ruffs, overshots, milling cutters, etc.;

Special — designed for special work (drilling in a certain direction, rock analysis).

How to choose?

In order for drilling to be carried out efficiently, it is necessary to choose the right technique. It depends on the type and purpose of drilling. The main factors when choosing:

The depth of the well and its purpose;

Type of fossil, its properties;

Characteristics of the rock.

The equipment must be made of high-quality materials. IPR Holding develops and manufactures a modern line of drilling equipment. You can buy drilling equipment manufactured according to international standards from us.

We design and manufacture equipment that works efficiently. We help clients to increase profits from their activities and minimize costs.