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At mining, food processing, construction, and any large-scale production facilities, there is a constant need to transport large volumes of cargo. For this purpose, conveyors are used - continuous devices. They move piece, bulk and lump loads. Therefore, machines are also installed in logistics centers, airports, hypermarkets.

Structure and classification

This type of equipment is very common because it allows you to speed up work. Conveyor equipment has various characteristics and features. But the mechanism is about the same:

Engine - provides movement;

The drive can be a chain or gears;

The working surface is the location of the cargo.

With the help of an intermediate element, rotation is transmitted from the motor to the working surface.

Depending on the design of the machine , there are several types of conveyors:

Belt — this type is used more often than others, since it is universal and the price of the conveyor is affordable. The working surface is a multi-layer tape.

Scraper - the cargo moves along a special chute. They are used in the mining industry. Not suitable for fragile cargo.

Roller - the movement is carried out on rollers mounted on a fixed frame. Suitable for piece loads.

Elevators are more often used for vertical movement. A popular species in the mining industry, agriculture.

Lamellar - the surface consists of special ribs, with which the material is well attached to the work surface.

Inertial — used for transportation of bulk materials along an inclined or horizontal line.

Why do they order equipment from us?

IPR Holding has its own powerful production base for the manufacture of all types of conveyors. Our engineers will develop a proposal corresponding to the specifics of the activity. You can buy a conveyor in Minsk from us in accordance with the scope of the organization's activities. The geography of supplies is not limited to Belarus. Our clients include organizations from Russia, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, and the EU.