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Belt conveyor

For continuous transportation of goods (bulk, lump, piece) on horizontal and inclined (up to 35 °) planes, a belt conveyor is used. The device is used in mines, quarries, mining enterprises and industrial plants. It is used as an independent equipment or as an integral part of an automatic line. Cargo transportation is carried out both along horizontal and combined routes. Their length can reach 12 kilometers.

Advantages of using belt conveyors:

Increases efficiency, labor productivity, thanks to the rapid automated movement of goods;

Downtime caused by late delivery of materials is eliminated;

The equipment consumes a small amount of energy;

It can be installed in heated, unheated rooms, on the street;

Long service life.

Versatility - Used in various fields.

Design features and types

The main parts that make up the conveyor belt:


conveyor belt;

tension drum;

drive drum;

conveyor rollers.

The rollers are attached to the frame. A conveyor belt with cargo moves along them. Two drums pull the transport belt. The degree of tension is regulated by the tension drum. The drive drum is connected to an electric motor, which leads to movement.

There are several types of conveyor. The main ones are:

Straight. The design is based on a flexible tape, its length is 10 km. They are more often installed in sorting shops, warehouses.

Oblique. Designed at an angle. Inclined equipment is ideal for moving loads down and up.

Telescopic conveyor belt. This type of construction allows you to adjust the length, angle of inclination. At the same time, you do not need to disconnect the device and remove the entire load. It is used in quarries to move bulk materials.

Mixed type. Such equipment consists of straight and inclined parts. There are L- and Z-shaped. Suitable for limited space.

Grooved. The base of the tape is a grooved roller support. It is made of aluminum or steel. The mine belt conveyor will be used in coal, woodworking, industry, and energy.

Rotary. The tape in such a conveyor moves along the sliders, which are divided into segments.

Types of tapes

Depending on the type of cargo being moved, different types of conveyor belts are used. Smooth conveyor belt is used for piece loads. And for small and loose, corrugated is suitable. Types of corrugation: triangular, diamond-shaped, pyramidal.

Main types:

rubber fabric;



food , etc .

The type of tape is selected based on the characteristics of the cargo, its weight. The loading method and the speed of the conveyor are also taken into account. To ensure efficient operation, it is better to install a stationary belt conveyor with various types of belts.

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