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Scraper conveyors

For continuous transportation of materials, a belt scraper conveyor is used in many areas. The equipment is suitable for the transportation of bulk cargo and small-bulk cargo under a slight slope. It can be installed in a closed place or on the street.

It is more often used in the coal, chemical industry, construction, agriculture.

Design and principle of operation

The main elements that make up the equipment:

Scrapers are plates that have a mechanical effect;

Gutter - a housing with sides, along which materials move;

Drive station - consists of a drive and an electric motor;

End head - transfers forces to the main element;

Chain - connects the drive and the scrapers. There are single-chain downhole conveyors and double-chain conveyors.

The elements are mainly made of stainless steel, since this material is more resistant to environmental influences.

The principle of operation: the load moves along the chute with the help of scraper elements. It moves at an angle. The elements are also immersed in the chute, during the movement the load does not stick to the chute. It is important that the size of the submerged material does not exceed the permissible dimensions.


The downhole scraper conveyor is classified according to various criteria.

Depending on the purpose , there are:

General purpose — a universal device. It is most often used in surface mines.

Underground - used for work in underground mines (ore, coal).

Special — designed for specific purposes. They are mainly used in the mining and transportation industry.

Depending on the type of drive:

Electric is the most common type. It works effectively. It has a small size, so it is easy to install;

Pneumatic - works from the supply of compressed air under pressure. Makes more noise compared to other models;

Hydraulic - the fluid in the device is pumped under pressure.

When choosing, it is also necessary to take into account the technical characteristics, on which the prices of mine-type scraper conveyors also depend.

Equipment of the IPR Holding

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