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Kratzer cranes (reclaimers)

The kratzer crane is designed for the disbanding of bulk cargo, reverse transportation of rounded and longitudinal dumps, homogenization and mixing of bulk material. The reclaimer is used for continuous downward feeding to a warehouse conveyor or other equipment for the shipment of bulk material stored in bulk. It can also be equipped with a laying boom, and perform the functions of a universal one.

Brief description of the design of the kratzer crane

The kratzer crane is designed as a portal support, which is located above the concentrate dump and is supported on both sides by a movement mechanism. Arrows are mounted on the portal 102 support: two working arrows on the side of the unloading conveyor belt and a feeding boom on the opposite side. On the guides that are attached to the arrows, the actual working bodies – scraper chains - move. Scraper chains are steel plate chains with running rollers taking main forces and with guide rollers taking lateral forces. Scraper plates are made as blades with welded teeth and are screwed to chains. On the portal support and on the supports of the running gear there are drives of scraper chains, drives of the movement mechanism, lifting winches of arrows. All drives, including the four running wheels, are separate. The support of the movement mechanism on the side of the feeding boom is attached to the portal support by means of a ball joint. The misalignment of the portal support on the rails is controlled by a misalignment limiter, which is located on the support of the movement mechanism from the side of the conveyor belt. To limit the movement of the crane along the rails, control lines are installed at both ends of the track. When the ruler is touched, the limit switch is triggered and independently turns on the opposite direction of movement. Arrows are lowered simultaneously. If the operating limit switch fails or does not work, the kratzer-tap is switched off by a safety limit switch.

Why do they order from the IPR Holding?

· Our experience in the design and production of this equipment allows us to solve the customer's task as efficiently as possible and take into account all wishes both at the design stage and during the installation of equipment.

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