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NPK Fertilizer Production Equipment

NPK is a universal nitrogen-phosphorus-potassium mineral fertilizer. In an easily digestible form, it contains all the main nutrients that ensure a balanced nutrition of plants.

The NPK line is designed for obtaining and packing complex NPK fertilizers (up to 4 components) into soft containers by dry mixing. The line allows the production of granules with a diameter of 2-4 mm with higher consumer properties (does not stick and does not dust during storage, has a longer decomposition period) than the original product. 

  The complex includes a set of mixing equipment and a filling weighing station for packing in soft containers.  The following equipment is used as part of the line :

* roller press (compactor)

* receiving hopper

* dosing device

* crushers

* screening machines

• elevator

* granule refinement unit

* complex of loading into wagons

* complex of loading into bigbags

* storage warehouses in bulk and in big bags

Why cooperate with us?

IPR Holding is a leading supplier of complex and specialized equipment to enterprises of the Republic of Belarus. Our equipment is also widely used and in demand in the mining and chemical industries of other countries.  Our lines have proven themselves well at modern enterprises that have been put into operation recently, as reliable, technologically advanced and competitive in price and quality equipment.

They trust us because:

• We produce only high-quality equipment.

* We give a guarantee for all equipment.

• Our team of professionals keeps up with the times, developing and implementing modern technologies

* Cooperation with us allows you to reduce costs both at the stage of design and installation of equipment, and in the future during production.  This allows you to reduce the cost and increase the profitability of the complex as a whole.

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