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Equipment for the production of granular fertilizers

Already at the dawn of industrial production of mineral fertilizers, agronomists realized that powdered fertilizers are characterized by increased hygroscopicity, a tendency to caking and are dispersed very unevenly.

Therefore, since the mid-80s, almost all solid fertilizers on the market are present in granular form, which is due to their indisputable advantage over powdered ones. Granular mineral fertilizers have the best physical and agrochemical properties.

Advantages of using granular fertilizers:

 * fertilizer in pellets is well stored;

• not tracked;

 * when applied to the soil, it dissipates well;

 * when ingested into the soil, the pellets create nutrient zones in direct proximity to the root system of plants and sown seeds;

 * it is convenient to make;

* are not carried by the wind.

Why do they order from the IPR Holding? 

· Our experience in the design and production of this equipment allows us to solve the customer's task as efficiently as possible and take into account all wishes both at the design stage and during the installation of equipment.

· Our equipment has proven itself well at the largest fertilizer production enterprises.

* The geography of supplies is not limited to Belarus. Our clients include organizations from Russia, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, and the EU.