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Mine crates are used for the safe descent or lifting of personnel, materials and equipment. They are used in the mining and mining industry.


The cargo crate has advantages:

They increase labor efficiency. The workflow is accelerated. A reliable mine crate can efficiently transport the equipment needed for work.

Adaptability to certain needs. It is possible to produce lifts to work in specific conditions. Depending on the needs of the customer, a reinforced metal crate, aluminum or steel, various configurations of shaft guides, designs of entrance doors, one- or two-storey ones can be produced.

Safety. The lifting device must comply with safety standards, regardless of what is being transported — equipment or people. Bearing capacity is an important factor. It is always checked before commissioning. This guarantees the safety of employees. As an example, a lifting protective crate for lifting or lowering workers. Full fencing on all sides ensures the protection of personnel.

They are installed both inside and outside.

Affordable price (compared to other lifting mechanisms).

Quick installation.

Durability (even under constant heavy loads).

Why us?

IPR Holding has been designing and manufacturing mining and mining equipment for 30 years. Our experience allows us to create high-quality systems. Our equipment is adapted to difficult working conditions. The improvement of mine crates is being carried out in the direction of lightening their weight due to the transition to all-welded structures, the use of higher-quality steels and lightweight materials with high abrasive and corrosion resistance

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We will manufacture a metal lifting system according to your requirements:

Material - aluminum or steel;

With automatic locking of the protective flap for entry;

The load that the system can withstand;


Various ways of construction of the inspection hatch;

Several types of guide rollers;

Different door configurations (sliding and folding, guillotine and roll).

The price of the crate depends on these parameters.

We carry out deliveries to Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Turkmenistan, EU countries.

IPR Holding is a time-tested technology.