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Skip-hoisting, self-unloading box (cage), used for lifting bulk and small-sized cargo, moving with the help of ropes along the guides of the skip hoist. Skips are used to lift coal, ore and other minerals to the surface in the mining and metallurgical industries. They are also used to load charge into blast furnaces. Skips are made according to the customer's order with different types and arrangement of conductors. In mines and mines, depending on the breed, various standard and individually manufactured skip designs are used.

The following conventions are used to encrypt models of skips:

- letter index "SN"- a skip with a fixed body;

- letter index "SO" - skip with a tipping body;

the figure to the left of the letter index is the serial number of the standard size with the same skip capacity;

the figure to the right of the letter index is the geometric capacity of the skip, m3;

- the figure on the right through a hyphen - the serial number of the model of this standard size, depending on the type of lift ("1" - single-rope, "2" - multi-rope).

By type of mine lift:

- CH - mine skips with a fixed body for vertical single-rope lifting; - SNM - mine skips with a fixed body for vertical multi-rope lifting.

By type and location of guide conductors:

- double-sided box-shaped;

- rail;

- rope.

By type of rock mass - coal, rock, ore.

The following requirements are imposed on the design of skips: ensuring automatic loading and unloading; ensuring a stable position of the body when moving in the trunk; exclusion of shutter mechanism failures and spontaneous unloading; exclusion of spillage of cargo during movement in the shaft and during periods of loading and unloading; ensuring proper rigidity of the body and frame. Skips with a fixed body have the best performance and are most widely used. Skip slide gate ensures smooth opening; reliable retention of the transported mass; minimal dynamic impact on the pile driver; ease of maintenance.

Why order from IPR Holding?

Our company has developed and mastered the production of mine skips for lifting ore along vertical shafts with single- and multi-rope lifting installations. Prismatic skips SNM-19, SNM-19.5 and SN-35 with a fixed body and bottom unloading with a carrying capacity of up to 42 tons allow lifting ore from a depth of more than 900 m. Also in the assortment is the SOK-6.4 skip with a tipping body with a carrying capacity of 13.3 tons. The way to improve our products is mainly to increase their capacity, to use high-strength and wear-resistant materials in combination with a rigid supporting all-welded structure of a fixed body, to develop a perfect gate with an independent drive, eliminating skip unloading and cumbersome unloading curves. Each design is carefully designed and tested.

The device has the following advantages:

Durability, withstands daily high loads;

Fast installation;

Ease of operation;

Safety at work;

No exposure to external negative influences;

Long service life.

We carry out deliveries on the territory of Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, to the EU countries. To place an order, call us or visit our office. We will answer all questions.