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Lifting and transport equipment

Mining and mining equipment is used in the mining industry for the extraction of various minerals. However, it is also used in mechanical engineering, energy, metallurgy, chemical industry. There are mining, transport, quarry, and processing equipment.

The production of such installations belongs to heavy engineering. The production and sale of lifting and transport equipment for the mining industry must be carried out in compliance with all requirements.


Lifting and transport equipment is used for vertical and horizontal movement of goods during loading, unloading, laying.

The equipment is classified depending on the purpose, the level of mechanization of labor, the type of cargo being moved, the type of drive, the frequency of action.

Machines are divided according to their purpose:

lifting (freight elevators, cranes);

transportation (conveyors, conveyors);

loading and unloading, stacking (loaders, trolleys, stackers).

According to the level of labor mechanization:

complex mechanization (lifting cranes, conveyors, automated stacker cranes);

low mechanization (jacks, hand carts).

By type of transported cargo:

for moving bulk, bulk cargo (belt conveyors, bucket loaders);

for transportation in containers (electric loaders, lifting cranes, forklifts).

Depending on the type of drive:

with mechanical (electric loaders);

gravity (roller conveyors);

manual action (trolley).

By periodicity of action:

continuous operation (elevators, conveyors);

cyclic (elevators, lifting cranes, electric loaders).

Why do they order equipment from us?

The activity of the IPR Holding consists in designing, manufacturing and supplying enterprises with transport and lifting devices for mining operations. We design and manufacture high-quality equipment that simplifies complex work. You can buy lifting and transport equipment of the mining type from us, corresponding to your goals.

Machines produced by the IPR Holding:

safe to operate;

increase productivity;

have high efficiency;

easy to manage;

strong and durable.

We provide equipment to enterprises of Belarus, Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, EU countries.