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Bucket elevators

Bucket elevators (noria) are used for vertical movement of bulk materials to a height of up to 60 meters. The productivity of the machines reaches several hundred tons per hour. At the same time, they have low operating costs. A belt or chain elevator is widely used for transporting various concentrates, ash, etc.

They are used in such industries as:

Mineral industry: apatite, cement;

Chemical industry: carbamide, fertilizers;

Metallurgical industry: slag, oxides, calcine;

Energy: sand, lime, ash, wood chips.

Technical specifications

IPR Holding has developed and is producing a vertical bucket elevator for the transportation of all types of bulk materials. It consists of several buckets that are attached to a belt or chain. Located at the top and bottom of the machine. In belt units, buckets are attached to the tape. In the chain they are fixed on the central chain.

The belt elevator has a higher productivity due to the high speed of the buckets. They are also cheaper and more durable. They are easier to maintain. But they have a limitation depending on the temperature of the material being moved.

Chain-driven bucket machines can withstand higher material temperatures.

Depending on the direction of movement of the material, the conveyors can be:

inclined (often used for loading raw materials);

horizontal (move loads on a horizontal plane).

The choice of this type of equipment depends on the type of material to be moved, its temperature, and efficiency requirements.

Where to buy?

You can buy a bucket elevator from the IPR Holding. Our belt and chain elevators allow you to avoid unwanted mixing of materials, when this can lead to a decrease in quality.



Easy to use;

Robust construction;

Long service life;

Homogeneous transportation.

If you need help choosing the right equipment, please contact our sales department.