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Travolator — moving stepless rails that accelerate or facilitate the movement of passengers and the transportation of goods. The main difference from the escalator is the absence of steps. It is convenient to move luggage, carts, strollers, heavy cargo on these devices without steps.

Where do travolators and their types are installed

Moving passenger belts are installed in shopping malls, airports, train stations, galleries. The coating can be with a small slope or with a horizontal plane.

There are two types of tracks:

An inclined travelator is similar to an escalator (they have similar functions). But since there are no steps on it, the path is flat, it is convenient for people with disabilities and people with luggage to move on it.

In museums, galleries, amusement parks and other establishments with single-level halls, a horizontal travelator is installed - it helps to accelerate the movement of visitors in a certain direction.

The mechanism of the travolator and its characteristics

Travelators are conveyor belts similar to those used to move a conveyor with dishes in canteens or suitcases at airports. The essence of the work is as follows: the roller wheel continuously rotates at a given speed, forcing the rubberized or metal web to move.

The passenger track has a powerful mechanism that can withstand a huge load.

The floor surface is corrugated with an anti-slip coating. Handrails are installed on the structure, which ensures the safe movement of people. The moving tape disappears into the end plates of the comb on both sides of the track.

Depending on the purpose of use and the area of the room, the length can be any.

Usually it is no more than 40-50 m . Passenger conveyors with a length of more than 100 m are already considered super-long.

The width of the running surface is 80-100 cm . Wider ones are installed in places where heavy loads are moved (airports, shopping malls).

In accordance with the international standard, the slope of the moving tape should be no more than 10-12 degrees.

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