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Combine Harvester SL-300 / 400

  • Combine Harvester SL-300 / 400
SL-300/400 combines are designed for excavation of seams of medium and large thickness according to shuttle or one-sided work schemes. The excavation of the formation is carried out by one or two cutting bodies, and the front one forms the roof, taking out the layer to the full diameter of the cutting body, and the rear one forms the bottom soil. Both cutting bodies are equipped with protective guards.

Minimum extractable power, m                                                                  2-2.6

Maximum pulling force, kN                                                                          550

Shunting feed rate, m/min                                                                           0-12

The number of revolutions of the large screw, rpm                              48

Gear ratio of the handle with cutting 1400 mm                                     29.96

Depth of cutting soil cutting 1400 mm, mm                                           190

Width of the cutting body, mm                                                                  830

Harvester length along axes of augers, mm                                            11350

Harvester body length, mm 6700 Combine body height, mm         1788

Rotary reducer weight, kg                                                                            3700

Combine weight, t                                                                                            45