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Self-propelled complex SPKK-500

  • Self-propelled complex SPKK-500

The self-propelled loading and conveyor complex SPKK-500 is designed for unloading bulk materials (potassium chloride KCl) and other mineral fertilizers onto a conveyor belt.

The complex is part of a technological line, which includes a loading belt conveyor (or line), the complex itself and an unloading belt conveyor (or line).

The operation of the complex is synchronized with the operation of the unloading conveyor.

Slope angle, deg.                                                          37

Bulk weight, t/m3                                                     1.05-1.14

Productivity, t\h                                                           500

Movement mechanism, pcs.                                     2

Track gauge along rail axes, mm                           2500

Distance between wheelsets, mm                       2500

Running wheel diameter, mm                               710

Travel speed, m/min                                                   4.2

Turntable rotation speed, r/h                                   2.5


 - quantity, pcs                                                                1

 - center distance, mm                                            14500

 - the largest angle of inclination, deg.                   60

Working side of scraper chain, mm                      1600


 - length, mm, no more                                            25000

- height, mm, no more                                              6500

- width, mm, no more                                               4500

Height with raised boom, mm, no more             13500